ESO Capital works with European SMEs to drive their businesses forward. Our investment strategy is driven by micro opportunities, not macro trends. With investments between €10 million and €40 million, typically over a two to five year horizon, we give management teams the space and capital to develop their businesses.

What sets us apart is the expertise with which we structure each deal. Each deal is specific to each business but all our solutions share certain key characteristics:

Simple: We keep things as straightforward as possible. Business environments are complex enough and structuring complicated deals makes them hard to implement for management teams at the best of times. Creating practical solutions takes experience, and it takes skill.

Flexible: We recognise that a solution that cannot adapt to changing market conditions is no solution at all. We build flexibility into our offerings and our experts are sensitive to the needs of the owners and management teams with whom we work.

Fast: We understand that speed is paramount in business. Our team work in close proximity to the businesses we back so that decisions can be crafted and implemented efficiently.

Local: Our sole focus is Europe. We are rooted in our target markets and understand them intimately. We work with experienced local partners with a proven record of sector knowledge.

For loans of below €5 million, please contact ESF Capital.